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COALition continues forest rampage…

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s speech by Prime Minister Abbott who called the logging industry “the ultimate conservationists’, the NSW Government today made a regulation allowing native forest to be burned in power stations opening the way for it to be classed as a ‘renewable energy source’.


“The government wants environmentally conscious consumers to pay for the destruction of endangered species habitat,” said NCEC President Susie Russell.



“It will also allow the already heavily subsidised mining industry to burn native forests and woodlands to generate their electricity and seek renewable energy credits.

“COALition Governments have no respect for forests. They can’t see the trees for the wood. It seems they will stoop to any depths to pursue their anti-green anti-environment agenda. Claims that this will not increase logging and will be overseen by the EPA are farcical.



“The Government is in the process of winding back a whole raft of forest protection measures in the name of efficiency.



“The EPA has been shown to be a toothless tiger that has failed to act on evidence of breaches, and when it has been roused to action only manages to deliver pathetic slaps on the wrist such as letters or paltry fines. The community has no confidence in the EPA being able to regulate forestry.



“There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that older trees store more carbon, provide better habitat, produce more water of higher quality, provide more nectar and honey, are more resilient to fire and have greater appeal to humans on aesthetic and spiritual grounds.



“Everything this taxpayer subsidised logging industry is doing compromises all of those positive values.



“This will be another nail in the coffin of the renewable energy industry that is being sabotaged by COALition Governments at both State and Federal levels determined to prop up an energy sector based on either fossilised wood or now, living wood,” Ms Russell said.




2011 International Year of Forests
Media Release March 13, 2011

The Liberal- National Parties’ policy on threatened species and koalas in particular was all fluff but had no backbone according to NCEC spokesperson Lorraine Vass.

They are offering absolutely nothing to ensure that koalas and their habitat will be protected.

Their policy states:

The Department of Environment and Climate Change estimates there has been a dramatic decline in the Koala population in NSW with estimates of between 1,000 and 10,000 koalas only remaining. Most reside on the NSW North Coast and in Namoi region; however there are “pockets” around the state in fragmented and isolated habitats. The main threats to our koalas include loss of habitat; domestic dog attacks, road kill, high intensity fires and disease.”

They then go on to say they will increase the level of protection for a koala population near Sydney that is an already protected area – Dharawal State Conservation Area.

And that’s it. Nothing about North Coast koalas where development pressure is driving declines in koala numbers to the brink in some areas. No promise to make Local Governments do a Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management. No promise to make core koala habitat off limits to logging. No reference to managing disease which is the number one killer of koalas brought into care on the Northern Rivers. Not even mention of the poor progress in implementing the state-wide approved five-year Recovery Plan. Zilch.

The situation is no better for the hundreds of other species on the NSW Threatened Species List, which will get a name change to the ‘Red List’.

The Coalition offers money to growers in the Sydney basin to fence out flying foxes and money to run a captive breeding program for Tassie Devils.

Nothing more. And it is already clear they are suggesting a win will be a mandate for their policies.
We need to put on the record that when it comes to the biodiversity of NSW and how it will be protected, the Coalition has no policy.