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Champion’s Quarry opponents are champions!

On 12 may 2011 the Land and Environment Court refused Champions Quarry major quarry development appeal.

The development was for a substantial quarry expansion in the Tucki area  near Lismore.

The community worked long and hard to fight the development on a  number of issues including impacts on biodiversity, water and
aboriginal cultural heritage.

As a result of concerted and successful community participation leading up to the decision of Lismore City Council as the original
decision maker, Council refused the development so the proponent  appealed to the L&E Court. Council defended its refusal. The proponent has now lost that appeal.

The community played a fundamental role in fighting the development,  it engaged a number of independent experts to assist in its challenge,
who provided their expertise in the lead up to the hearing.

Many members of the community made submissions and objections to the  Land and Environment Court on a number of issues.

Also, traditional knowledge holder and Bundjalung elder, Murray John Roberts provided compelling evidence (in difficult circumstances) in the
hearing regarding the spiritual significance of the lands to his people.

It was a remarkable effort on all parts. This is a tremendous example of the brilliance and resilience of local communities. Lismore City Council is commended for representing its community, adhering to the implementation of its planning instruments and in this instance not bowing down to the threats of litigation.



4 Responses

  1. Now that champions Quarry exspansion has been rejected ,a quarry nearby has ramped up in the middle of a koala habitat area .
    Not only the large double loaded trucks are a danger on this narrow dirt public road ,but the noise and dust impacts on the koalas.
    I sent lismore council (graham Bailey)pictures of mature habitat trees that had been bulldozed and a picture of a koala taken 2 days later on the quarry property on 04/09/2011.
    As i walk this road often i still see the bulldozers operating at the top quarry sat 10/09/2011.Quarry location-118 Henson Road Wyrallah.Kenny allport is the owner.Could you please give henson road residents some direction here what we can do ,as council have said it is an old D.A.so there is not much that can be done.
    Regards john

    • First port of call is the Environmental Defenders Office in Lismore. They will be able to tell you the legal situation, once that’s clear then you may want to do some campaigning/lobbying/pubic education. So let us know after you have talked to the EDO.

  2. Its funny how all you dole bludging greenie anti development wankers want roads to drive on, but don’t want anyone to operate quarries.
    you all want to live in houses made of timber, but don’t want anyone to cut trees down.
    You all want gas to cook and heat with, but you all oppose CSG.

    • Well Bob, in the interest of some sort of debate we’ve posted your comment, although we have a policy of No Abuse. So if you want to have a discussion you’ll need to use less offensive language. But I think you probably don’t, you just want to lash out with a few insults and stick to your own view of the world.

      Everything we do and use comes at a cost. Sometimes the cost is the Earth, where the headlong rush for more stuff and greater profits for the rich means that we are damaging our planet’s life support system. For millions of people around the globe, hell is already here. For millions more it’s coming. Those of us who are part of the richest 5% (which includes most wage earners in Australia, Europe and Northern America) might go a little bit longer before we see hell on earth, but it’s a coming. And so that is everyone’s business.

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