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Media Release March 18, 2011

The North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) together with the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) will hold a protest outside the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) offices at Grafton at 11.30 a.m. on Monday, March 21, World Forestry Day.

The protest will highlight the lack of progress in the resolution of problems with forestry regulation on both public and private land.

John Jeayes, Honorary Secretary at NCEC, claimed that despite repeated complaints from the NCEC and NEFA, DECCW continue to oversee the destruction of oldgrowth, rainforest and koala habitat on private land.

He further claimed that DECCW has failed to enforce Forestry Licence conditions in State Forests. This has resulted in the logging of Endangered Ecological Communities and numerous other breaches.

The NCEC have a list of demands to deliver to the DECCW with a request they be forwarded to the Director General of DECCW, Ms. Lisa Corbyn.

Mr Jeayes also said that the demands will be brought to the attention of Catherine Cusack, Coalition Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability as she will likely be responsible for this section of government after the State Election next weekend.

On Private Native Forestry the demands are that DECCW:

  • Trigger an immediate investigation by the NSW Auditor General into the maladministration of logging approvals over the last 3 years by the PNF Unit of DECCW.
  • Remove Bio-certification for Private Native Forestry as the Code of Practice has failed to protect the high conservation values of forests including most threatened species habitat
  • Return to the requirements of the 7 Part Test before granting Property Vegetation Plan approvals for logging.
  • Require independent pre-logging surveys to determine site specific requirements for threatened species.
  • Cease all logging in core koala habitat.
  • Revoke all “old growth” reassessments which have recently released over 8000 ha from protection through incorrect declassification.
  • Make all PNF property vegetation plans available to the public on a website.
  • Ban all logging in Endangered Ecological Communities.

In order to better protect threatened species and water quality during logging on public lands DECCW must:

  • Clarify, improve and monitor licence conditions;
  • Audit at least 10% of plans and operations;
  • Ensure that Foresters tasked with undertaking pre-logging assessments are adequately trained and mark all required trees and exclusion areas before logging starts;
  • Ensure that Bell Miner Associated Dieback areas are identified and rehabilitated;
  • Ensure that all stream banks are duly and adequately identifiedĀ  and protected;
  • Fine Forests NSW for each breach, rather than counting multiple breaches of a licence condition as a single breach;
  • Require the protection of equivalent compensatory habitat and trees for each area and tree illegally logged;
  • . Require the rehabilitation of all areas illegally logged; and
  • Make all relevant documents publicly available on the internet.



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  1. for a video of this action.

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